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Episode 29: Managing Ongoing Support Work

What happens after a project rolls out and the software you have created is being used everyday? Software needs to be maintained and supported. New ideas need to be implemented, features need to be modified, and issues need to be resolved. So what are the options for managing this work and how valuable is it?

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Episode 28: Taking Time Off

As an entrepreneur, we know we that taking time off is crucial to staying fresh and focused. But, what is time off? Is it necessarily a recreational vacation, or simply spending time on other kinds of tasks?

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Episode 27: 2017 Kickoff

The first month of 2017 flew by and suddenly we're in the thick of the new year once again. We're very excited to be back publishing regular podcast episodes! In this first episode of 2017 we took a look back to share our favorite takeaways from the last FindYourMoose conference that we hosted in Chicago in September 2016.

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Molly and Jason on FileMaker Talk

Elusive Moose founders Molly Connolly and Jason Mundok joined host Matt Navarre on a recent episode (#127) of FileMaker Talk, the premiere podcast for all topics around FileMaker development. The conversation focused on a recap Find Your Moose 2016: A Business Conference for Software Developers that was held in Chicago, IL on September 7 & 8, 2016. Check out the episode and visit FileMaker Talk for more!

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Rally Against Common Enemies: Budget, Scope, Timeline

Build solid unified teams for your software development projects by identifying common enemies to rally against. In this case of software development projects, here are three things that everyone wants to avoid: blown budgets, scope creep, and missed deadlines. By framing these as common enemies, the entire project team will work together to defeat them on your way to successful project outcomes. Budget Regardless of how you define the budget of your project, nobody wants to spend more money than expected. If you’re billing hourly, sure you can charge for everything you do, but the client still has an expectation (hopefully clearly defined by you) and isn’t going to be pleased if the cost of the project exceeds that expectation. If you’re billing a flat fee for the project, then you need to make sure you don’t end up giving away a lot of valuable work just because your client asks for more stuff. Even though the client won’t get charged more, you’ll eventually resent working for free. A blown budget in either direction makes for an un-unified project team and opens a door to adversity and blame games. The budget, however defined, is the responsibility of the entire team. […]

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New Value Pricing Podcast from Jonathan Stark

Our friend and colleague, Jonathan Stark, released a new value pricing podcast called Ditching Hourly. It’s a weekly show that helps software developers increase their profits, decrease their labor, and delight their clients. Jonathan has been a proven advocate of value-based pricing for software development projects for over ten years, so Ditching Hourly focuses on those pricing strategies rather than traditional time and materials billing. You can check out the first five episodes right here. Jonathan has been a friend of Elusive Moose since its inception. He has been a featured speaker about both of our Find Your Moose conferences, a guest on our Expert Interview series, and a guest on the Elusive Moose podcast.

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Webinar: audit your project management process

Being a great developer doesn’t automatically lead to successful software development projects. You also need to know how to successfully execute and manage your projects. The very first step to awesome project management is having a project management process and knowing how to articulate it to your team, both the developers and your clients. For over five years I’ve been teaching software consultants how to implement a simple Agile project management methodology. From the experience of working with several development shops I have identified ten elements of a software development project. Whether you know it or not, you’re dealing with these project elements every time you build a new custom application for one of your clients. Learn the ten elements of a software development project so you can audit your own process and find out where you can improve Join me on Wednesday, October 12 at 2:00 p.m. ET (11:00 a.m. PT) for a FREE webinar about the Ten Elements of a Software Development Project. Here’s what you’ll learn: The ten elements of every software development project Whether or not you have a consistent process for each Where you should focus your process improvement efforts There will be plenty of […]

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How Lazy is Too Lazy When it Comes to Bookkeeping?

We received a question from one of our Elusive Moose readers who asked: I’m lazy and disorganized (the whole package!) so what’s the minimum amount of effort I can get away with (as it relates to my bookkeeping)? Having been in the small business world for over 25 years, I must say, I was taken aback by this question. How can you start, nurture, and grow a business but not want to have your hands in the books? Is there a “minimum effort” that’s really realistic? How Lazy is “Lazy”? So let me ask, how lazy is “lazy”? If you are willing to try anything, then you can certainly run your own books. You’re not lazy, but rather scared off by ‘accounting’. Really, it just requires some setup, some testing (recording your real transactions), then conversion (entering opening balances, deeper configuration, training, cutting the cord). Yes, you can do that. If what I just said freaked you out – work with a great bookkeeper who will explain it all, do most of the work, keep you in the loop and explain your reports weekly. If you simply want nothing to do with it, hire your mom to be your bookkeeper […]

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Agile Software Development on Freelance Transformation

I recently had the pleasure of exploring Agile software development and project management with Matt Inglot on the Freelance Transformation podcast.  Matt has been running a web development agency for over 10 years. In the first seven of those years, he made a lot of mistakes and just wasn’t getting ahead. Eventually he started making great decisions and transformed his business to create his desired lifestyle and achieve financial freedom. The Freelance Transformation podcast is all about sharing the tips, tricks, and techniques Matt has used to build a successful agency. Beyond the podcast itself, Matt shares recommended resources and articles to help you achieve your freelancing goals. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE Elusive Moose is all about helping software developers and consultants manage successful businesses. We’re offering a FREE Moose Guide to help you learn more about the Ten Elements of a Software Development Project and figure out where you should be focusing to improve your project management approach. Download a FREE copy NOW. * You will be subscribed to our email list and receive super helpful tips and advice from Molly Connolly and me to help you manage your software development consulting business. Unsubscribe at any time, but I really don’t […]

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Bringing the Moose to the Freelancers’ Show

The Freelancers’ Show discusses the challenges that freelancers face. It’s a panel podcast that includes experienced technology freelancers and entrepreneurs. I recently had the privilege of being a guest on the show with Charles Max Wood and Philip Morgan to talk about enjoying your work and discovering a fulfilling role within software development and consulting. This is a great preview for the keynote talk I’ll be doing at our next Find Your Moose conference coming up in Chicago on September 7 & 8, 2016. Find all of the conference details here. The Freelancers’ Show is published at, which has a mission to empower programmers to change the world by helping them better understand the technologies, tools, processes, and possibilities of their craft. The mission is to show programmers how to use the tools and technologies at their disposal to reach for things that were once impossible but can now be enhanced by their code. provides online audio and video content through podcasts, screencasts, online courses, and conferences. Go HERE and check out my guest appearance on the Freelancers’ Show. Go HERE to subscribe to the show on iTunes. Thanks to Charles and Philip for the hospitality and be sure to check out Philip’s guest […]

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