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If you had a chance to read Jason’s farewell blog, you’ll know that his plate is full and he’s stepping down from his role at Elusive Moose. A few things that came to mind as we worked through the transition were some of the sessions at our conferences. The first was my friend Mike Carruth where he talked about the “Art of the Pivot”. He talked about how as entrepreneurs we cannot help but seek out opportunities and challenges. Learning how to be aware and embrace changes that present themselves is a skill and it starts with being cognizant of the need for change. Second, I thought about Cris Ippolite’s talk on maximizing performance by “Getting in the Zone” and how in conclusion of his detailed examples on how to get there, he said that you also have to realize you can’t do it all. You need to evaluate your opportunities and know when to punt. Jason and I both had a good laugh at how the content of our conferences was perhaps uniquely tailored to our own challenges. We started Elusive Moose as a business resource for software developers with a goal of helping people like us enjoy their work […]

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A Grateful Farewell

It was two years ago this month when Molly and I met for a couple days in Chicago to discuss an idea we had been working on to explore the quest to find happiness and fulfillment in our work lives. We both really enjoyed our careers in custom software consulting and the work we had done coaching other consultants. We both found great satisfaction in our work and were interested in finding ways to share our experiences, further explore what it meant to intentionally pursue a fulfilling work life, and offer a platform for others to do the same.  We knew first hand that it was very possible to enjoy your work, and we wanted to help others know that as well. Our two-day meeting ended with the decision to give it a shot, and Elusive Moose was born. In the two years since, Molly and I hosted two conferences, produced a podcast, conducted a series of interviews, wrote a bunch of blog articles, and connected with some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever known. I personally explored my own work life experiences, shared my successes and failures, experimented with new ideas and ways of being, and gave a […]

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Freelance Business Success Summit

Joel Bergeron from The Future is Creative has brought together 25+ of the best experts and industry leaders for a completely free online conference to teach you exactly how to… Start, launch, and grow your freelance business in any niche or industry. Identify your ideal client Brand and position your business Price your work based on value Avoid common mistakes And much much more… From planning your transition to freelance, identifying your valuable skills, positioning your freelance business, branding, pricing, getting clients, and even product or service creation, Freelance Business Success Summit is going to be a life changing event. This summit provides a roadmap for anyone dreaming of creating a life and growing a business as a freelancer. It’s perfect for any software developer currently working for someone else who wants to break out and start a dream business. I’m honored to be one of the speakers for this summit. I’ll be presenting topics around finding fulfilling work as an independent software developer and what it takes to be a successful project manager. You can check out all the details HERE !

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Improving, Podcast

Episode 31: Screw the Cubicle

Lydia Lee is a transition coach, helping people get to the core of the unique services they can offer the world, and then prepare to leave their unfulfilling work beyond and launch a business they can love and really believe in. All of the details about what Lydia does can be found at She called in for this episodes from the island of Bali. You may hear some wildlife periodically in the background. I did ask and it seems that there were no Moose on the island that morning. It remained as Elusive as ever. Hopefully today’s conversation will help you find an Elusive solution to a challenge you’re facing.

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Managing, Podcast

Episode 30: Location Independence

Jason welcomes Joel Bergeron, the founder of The Future Is Creative, a website dedicated to helping creatives start, launch, and grow freelance businesses where the sky's the limit. Joel is originally from Canada and currently located in Melbourne, Australia, but lives a location independent lifestyle. In the past year he has lived and worked in a number of countries around the world and he joins us on the podcast to talk about the pros and cons of the location independence.

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Doing, Podcast

Episode 29: Managing Ongoing Support Work

What happens after a project rolls out and the software you have created is being used everyday? Software needs to be maintained and supported. New ideas need to be implemented, features need to be modified, and issues need to be resolved. So what are the options for managing this work and how valuable is it?

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Managing, Podcast

Episode 28: Taking Time Off

As an entrepreneur, we know we that taking time off is crucial to staying fresh and focused. But, what is time off? Is it necessarily a recreational vacation, or simply spending time on other kinds of tasks?

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Improving, Podcast

Episode 27: 2017 Kickoff

The first month of 2017 flew by and suddenly we're in the thick of the new year once again. We're very excited to be back publishing regular podcast episodes! In this first episode of 2017 we took a look back to share our favorite takeaways from the last FindYourMoose conference that we hosted in Chicago in September 2016.

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Molly and Jason on FileMaker Talk

Elusive Moose founders Molly Connolly and Jason Mundok joined host Matt Navarre on a recent episode (#127) of FileMaker Talk, the premiere podcast for all topics around FileMaker development. The conversation focused on a recap Find Your Moose 2016: A Business Conference for Software Developers that was held in Chicago, IL on September 7 & 8, 2016. Check out the episode and visit FileMaker Talk for more!

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Rally Against Common Enemies: Budget, Scope, Timeline

Build solid unified teams for your software development projects by identifying common enemies to rally against. In this case of software development projects, here are three things that everyone wants to avoid: blown budgets, scope creep, and missed deadlines. By framing these as common enemies, the entire project team will work together to defeat them on your way to successful project outcomes. Budget Regardless of how you define the budget of your project, nobody wants to spend more money than expected. If you’re billing hourly, sure you can charge for everything you do, but the client still has an expectation (hopefully clearly defined by you) and isn’t going to be pleased if the cost of the project exceeds that expectation. If you’re billing a flat fee for the project, then you need to make sure you don’t end up giving away a lot of valuable work just because your client asks for more stuff. Even though the client won’t get charged more, you’ll eventually resent working for free. A blown budget in either direction makes for an un-unified project team and opens a door to adversity and blame games. The budget, however defined, is the responsibility of the entire team. […]

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