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I started out my career as consultant at Ernst & Young in Washington, DC. When I was 25, I looked up the ladder and realized the only thing ahead of me was more late nights, more stress, and less time for the things I cared about. I packed up, spent some time dinging around Central America and grabbing odd but fantastic jobs (like working at the Olympics in Atlanta) before moving back to the Midwest. While looking for a “real job,” I started building custom databases and websites for companies and suddenly—unexpectedly—I built my own consulting company.

Over the years, I spent time collaborating with other companies and started what grew to be a good sized business but once we reached a certain size and had created real business processes for all the work that was piling up, I suddenly found myself in a similar place as when I was 25 years old. I realized it wasn’t necessarily the work or the increased stress that was my biggest problem, it was the lack of freedom that weighed on me.

I like starting things. I like being able to change my mind. I like having control to end a relationship with a client if it isn’t a good fit for me. I like that if I am working late at night it is no one’s choice but my own and if I’m unhappy about it, it is my responsibility to make a change. Over the years, I’ve done coaching, recruiting, training, and organized conferences—all while continuing to manage accounts and code.

If the thrill of trying new things doesn’t resonate with you, you might call it indecision, or lack of focus, or lack of “stick-to-it-ness”. But to me, the ability to try new things is what makes me tick. Elusive Moose is an experiment in sharing the joy I have found in my work— an experiment in finding others who love to work for themselves and are searching for a community of like-minded people to help them do it even better.


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