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Episode 19: Project Discovery with Roger Jacques


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Project discovery is the critical first step of any consulting project. It starts with the initial contact with a prospective client and continues through a final deliverable of the project plan, which is typically a proposal for a larger project. From the very first conversation, consultants learn about the client’s business, issues the client is facing, and the desired solutions to address those issues. Consultants immediately begin generating ideas about how to create those solutions and develop more detailed and precise plans throughout the discovery process.

While project discovery is ultimately about planning a larger project, it is your first opportunity to utilize and showcase your consulting skills. While learning about the client’s problems, there are opportunities to explore a variety possible solutions as well as ideas improving business processes. A good consultant will not only recommend solutions for his or her own services, but also explore the possibility that there may be alternate solutions that would be a better fit to achieve the desired goals. This kind of consulting is very valuable for a client and should be a paid service.

On today’s episode of the podcast, Jason is joined by special guest Roger Jacques, a long time software and web consultant and owner of Tek-Connect, a web development firm based in San Mateo, CA. Jason and Roger explore their project discovery processes and discuss some of the nuances of different approaches to this critical part of a consulting project.

Roger was also a recent guest on our Expert Video Interview series, where he and Molly engaged in a great conversation about working with clients and managing expectations. Join Elusive Moose today for access to all of our expert interview and conference session videos. A preview of Molly’s interview with Roger can be found here.


  • Project discovery should include valuable consulting. If you are not charging for this service, you should reconsider your approach.
  • While you need to have a consistent process for project discovery, consider both the client and the project when determining how technical or detailed your project spec should be.

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