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Episode 21: Effective Consulting with Ryan Waggoner


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Ryan Waggoner is a successful mobile development consultant who has an interest in effective consulting and constant professional improvement. He joined Jason for a conversation about developing good habits, experimenting with systems to track and measure success, and executing a few personal techniques to maximum effectiveness around your consulting work.

Productivity is a common term used for getting more work done, but if you’re headed in the wrong direction, increasing your productivity may end up ultimately being counterproductive. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have a good handle on the lifestyle and personal goals that you’re working toward, and then implement the habits and systems needed to help you realize those goals.

Ryan has implemented five habits into his daily routine. He goes to sleep by 9:00 pm each night to ensure an early morning when he can focus on very specific tasks before having to deal with the interruptions of the outside word. He writes 1,000 words each day through a brain dump process called morning pages that comes from a creative recovery book called The Artist’s Way. He stretches and exercises daily, tracks his weight and food intake, and he uses apps to help him avoid time suck media, such as social media and video sites.

Ryan’s techniques to increase effectiveness includes the Pomodoro Technique, a time block that allows him to focus on a specific task with an intentional five minute break every twenty-five minutes. He also turns off all notifications and doesn’t take phone calls during these time breaks. Finally, he takes advantage of apps like Rescue Time, Self Control, and Freedom to help him uncover when he’s spending too much time on unproductive websites and to block access to certain websites during work time.

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  • Don’t worry so much about getting more done, first make sure you’re heading in the right direction.
  • Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. When you honestly identify your weaknesses, you can employ techniques to help you overcome them.

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