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Episode 25: Research Driven A/B Testing with Nick Disabato


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Nick Disabato (aka Nick D) is a designer. He runs a solo design consultancy in Chicago called Draft that uses research-driven A/B testing to generate revenue for ecommerce businesses. It’s a thoughtful design strategy that works. Nick will be speaking at the upcoming Find Your Moose 2016 conference in Chicago on September 7 & 8.

On this episode of the podcast, Nick joined Jason to talk about his transformation from being an agency designer to launching his own company, and eventually finding his niche. He explores exactly what it is he does, why he does it, and a peek behind the curtain at how he does it. Right now Nick’s focus is A/B testing for ecommerce websites which involves implementing a suggested change to solve a problem with the website and then testing the change by sending half of the users to the original version and half of the users to the new version. After letting the test run for a period of time, the results are analyzed to determine if the change should be permanently implemented.

Nick differentiates himself from other A/B testers by including an incredible amount of research in his processes. On the podcast, he offered a few specific examples of how research can improve A/B testing, and ultimately improve his client’s bottom line. At Find Your Moose he will offer other tactical advice around testing.

Here are the tools Nick uses in his practice:

Here’s how you can learn more about Nick:


  • You will dramatically increase your chances of introducing the right kind of changes to your websites or your software when you do research. Put some processes in place to collect passive data so you’re more informed about what to try, before you try it.
  • Talk to people who use your stuff. There’s no substitute for having a conversation with a user to find out what’s working and what’s not.

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