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Episode 26: Lead Generation with Philip Morgan


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Lead generation is critical for any consultant to keep working. If you’re not generating leads, even during the busy times, at some point in the future you will inevitably run out of stuff to do and have to scramble to get work in the door. This is particularly relevant when you’re ready to grow your business by hiring subcontractors or employees and suddenly have more than one mouth to feed. On this episode of the podcast, Jason welcomes Philip Morgan, a lead generation specialist, who has created an awesome tool to help you decide the lead generation techniques you should try and who offers programs to help you get started.

During the conversation, Philip reveals two key dimensions for generating leads: positioning and building trust. First, you need to decide the segment for whom you will be marketing. There are a number of ways that you can segment your potential clients. You can focus on a market vertical, developing solutions for a particular industry or segment within an industry. You can also focus on a particular solvable problem, such as branding or SEO. Regardless, you need to be able to define specifically what you can do for your prospective clients and then position yourself as an expert so you can focus your message to them.

Next you need build trust within the market that you’re going after. In his TrustVelocity.com tool, Philip organizes lead generation activities by their trust building potential, but also includes other factors such as difficulty of performing the task, the amount of time a task takes, etc. A critical step is figuring out which lead generation technique is best for you, because the same technique that may help build trust for some, could actually erode trust for others. For example, if you’re great in front of a microphone, then conference talks or being a guest on a podcast could be an excellent way to build trust. If you struggle with public speaking, then doing a conference talk could be detrimental and you might consider something like writing articles or focusing on social media.

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  • To develop a lead generation strategy focus on two dimensions: positioning and building trust. First decide who your target market is, then use lead generation techniques to build trust within that market.
  • Don’t try to do it all. At TrustVelocity.com, Philip lists 46 awesome lead generation techniques. You need to figure out a handful that are a great fit for you and that you’ll have time to do on a consistent basis. Then do them!

This is the final episode of our first season of the Elusive Moose podcast. Molly and I want to thank everyone who has listened to the show, shared it with friends, and reached out to us with your feedback. It’s always welcome and you can connect with use a podcast@elusivemoose.com. We’ll be back before long with our next season, but in the meantime check out all of the great resources we have at Elusive Moose, check out our upcoming FindYourMoose conference at FindYourMoose.com, and thank you as always for checking out the Elusive Moose podcast.

– Jason


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