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Episode 27: 2017 Kickoff


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The first month of 2017 flew by and suddenly we’re in the thick of the new year once again. We’re very excited to be back publishing regular podcast episodes! In this first episode of 2017 we took a look back to share our favorite takeaways from the last FindYourMoose conference that we hosted in Chicago in September 2016.

We also talked about our own New Year’s resolutions. Molly is going to be focusing on time management this year, getting better at smoothing out the work load roller coaster and being more intentional about how she spends her time. Jason will be working on staying true to doing the kind of development and consulting work he loves with small local businesses, while making enough money to combat the rising costs of health insurance and other expenses of being a solopreneur and small business owner.

Finally, we recapped some of the new projects we’re working on for Elusive Moose this year. Jason and Molly will both be rolling out new online courses on project management and developer onboarding respectively. Jason will be expanding the breadth of guests on the podcast and Molly will be offering interactive members-only video chats around specific business topics that impact developers the most.

Lots of great stuff happening this year at Elusive Moose! We look forward to continuing the conversation with you. Feedback is always welcome at


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