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Episode 28: Taking Time Off


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As an entrepreneur, we know we that taking time off is crucial to staying fresh and focused. But, what is time off? Is it necessarily a recreational vacation, or simply spending time on other kinds of tasks?

On this episode of the podcast Molly and Jason talk about how they define time off and how it has changed for them over the years and throughout their careers. The practice of time off can look very different if you’re a solo consultant, have employees or subcontractors, or are a member of a larger organization. They also discuss strategies for managing client expectations when time off is inevitable or required, but work still needs to be done.

Finally, what does time off look like from the perspective of a business owner or supervisor? Molly and Jason discuss the importance of establishing a clear time off policy for employees to ensure that their needs are met, while the company continues to not just survive, but also thrive.


  • Pad an extra day before and after vacations to give yourself time to wrap up and ramp up.
  • Be sure you have a network that can cover emergencies when you’re away. Utilize members of your team or other independent consultants if you’re solo.
  • Block out calendar time for other activities to ensure you are getting time away during the work week, or taking periodic vacations.

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