A Grateful Farewell


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It was two years ago this month when Molly and I met for a couple days in Chicago to discuss an idea we had been working on to explore the quest to find happiness and fulfillment in our work lives. We both really enjoyed our careers in custom software consulting and the work we had done coaching other consultants. We both found great satisfaction in our work and were interested in finding ways to share our experiences, further explore what it meant to intentionally pursue a fulfilling work life, and offer a platform for others to do the same.  We knew first hand that it was very possible to enjoy your work, and we wanted to help others know that as well. Our two-day meeting ended with the decision to give it a shot, and Elusive Moose was born.

In the two years since, Molly and I hosted two conferences, produced a podcast, conducted a series of interviews, wrote a bunch of blog articles, and connected with some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever known. I personally explored my own work life experiences, shared my successes and failures, experimented with new ideas and ways of being, and gave a tremendous amount of thought to my future and my personal life goals. Working with Molly and everyone I’ve connected with on this journey has been a truly wonderful experience.

Throughout my time with Elusive Moose, my own independent consulting business has continued to grow. New opportunities have emerged and I’m super excited about the future! My creative work as a musician has also developed and grown over the past couple years and has remained a very important part of my life. One of the important lessons that I learned through my work with Elusive Moose is the need for rest and the need to make sure there is plenty of white space on the calendar. No matter how interested or excited you are about all of the different kinds of work that you do, a state of perpetual busy is not healthy and will eventually have a negative effect on all aspects of your life.

I recognize how lucky I have been to truly enjoy a variety of work, but I also recognize that no matter how much I love everything, I simply can’t do it all. I have decided to cherish the work that I’ve done, be inspired by what I’ve learned, and be grateful for the wonderful connections that I’ve made on my journey with Molly. I’m stepping down from my role with Elusive Moose filled with gratitude for everyone who has participated in its mission so far and I’m very excited to see where Molly takes the project next.

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