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If you had a chance to read Jason’s farewell blog, you’ll know that his plate is full and he’s stepping down from his role at Elusive Moose. A few things that came to mind as we worked through the transition were some of the sessions at our conferences.

The first was my friend Mike Carruth where he talked about the “Art of the Pivot”. He talked about how as entrepreneurs we cannot help but seek out opportunities and challenges. Learning how to be aware and embrace changes that present themselves is a skill and it starts with being cognizant of the need for change.

Second, I thought about Cris Ippolite’s talk on maximizing performance by “Getting in the Zone” and how in conclusion of his detailed examples on how to get there, he said that you also have to realize you can’t do it all. You need to evaluate your opportunities and know when to punt.

Jason and I both had a good laugh at how the content of our conferences was perhaps uniquely tailored to our own challenges. We started Elusive Moose as a business resource for software developers with a goal of helping people like us enjoy their work and we called upon the advice of experts in the industry to help us tease out advice and answers.

I am still committed to providing those services and realize that with Jason’s absence I’ll need to “pivot” to make up for the vast resources and perspective the Jason provided. While I’ll continue to offer technology-agnostic business advice on account management, estimating, project management and operations, I’m also going to incorporate content specific to my area of expertise. In particular, I’ll be offering members access to the following types of training materials.

  1. FileMaker onboarding training
  2. FileMaker recruiting and networking opportunities
  3. FileMaker product development groups and “deep dives”

My hope is that by offering these specific services members can continue to find value in the content we are providing for themselves, their employees and even their clients. In an ideal world, I will also content experts for similar training materials in a variety of technologies and Elusive Moose can serve as a close-knit platform for other business-minded developers. For now, I’ll focus on my core area of expertise and welcome your feedback.

As a final note, Jason, you’re an amazing business partner and friend and I look forward to continuing to work with you as we both pursue our versions of finding that Elusive Moose.


A Grateful Farewell

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