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If you were to look my business card from 7 years ago, you would see a list of technologies: Oracle, MySQL, FileMaker, JavaScript, PLSQL, ODBC etc. This is what I thought our clients (and potential clients) valued. I thought I needed to demonstrate our depth in technology. Our business pitch was the same; focused on us and technology.

As we are writing project stories for our website we thought it would be great to ask clients what they valued about the service we provide. Hopefully, this is going to matchup to what I thought we provided. We ask each of our clients these questions. In an effort to get more honest answers, I asked an associate to do the interviews.

Here’s what we heard back:

  • “You cured our pain!”
  • No one mentioned technology.
  • No one mentioned cost.

Wow! What happened there? I put what I thought were our best wares on display and it turned nobody cared about those things! Turns out I really didn’t know what our best wares were.

What did the clients really value about the work we did together? We cured their pain. We solved their problem.

How did this change our messaging and our business presentations? We stopped talking about our technology and changed the conversation to THEM:

  • Outcomes and value creation
  • Focus on their issues
  • Focus on outcomes
  • 0% focus on technology

It’s all about the trust, your relationship, great value. Nothing else matters. Your level of empathy for your clients and their business will carry you far.

If you were going to re-write your website today, without talking about yourself, what would you talk about? Do you know what to write? Do you know why you’re valuable to your clients?

Ask them (or get someone to ask them). Once you know, that’s what you talk about on your website and your next presentation.


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