About Elusive Moose

Elusive Moose is a business resource and community for software developers and consultants. Molly Connolly is ready to share decades of software consulting experience and tap her vast network of colleagues and experts to learn from the best, and share their knowledge and experience directly with you.

About the Name
It shouldn’t be difficult to see a real-life moose in Alaska, but even after three business trips, Molly Connolly never saw one. Just like it shouldn’t be difficult to find real-life solutions to the challenges that prevent us from fully enjoying the work we love to do.

Molly is the proud owner of Thorsen Consulting, a software development company that provides custom database solutions for a variety of clients including government, non-profit, education, and small businesses. She is a FileMaker developer, business coach and co-founder of Elusive Moose. She helps individuals and small business owners to grow their business through training, coaching, recruiting and advisory services.


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