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For over 31 years, Ki Systems has built apps that optimize business and individual performance to achieve greater success with more ease and less stress. From our KiBiz Business Management and Accounting Software to KiPoint POS to Stress Shifter, we offer powerful software tools to transform businesses and people that connect all the essential inner and outer functions to flow more smoothly and effectively.

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How You Can Utilize Off-Shore Talent to Grow Your Business


One of the ways I’ve been able to grow my business over the last 12 years is by leveraging off-shore talent for company programming needs. My team of offshore developers has worked closely with my American developers and project managers to enable me to expand my business and help me satisfy many more clients. The key to making this off-shore working relationship successful is to have clear communication and accountability. Our project managers send the project requirements and the tasks to work on with their deadlines thru emails and an online project tracking program that they helped me build. Each day I receive daily email reports on each project with details on each field, relationship, layout, and script that they worked on. We meet weekly in a video conference to review all projects, discuss any pressing issues and learn from our work together. Recently, I visited their corporate headquarters in India, and one of their senior developers who has worked closely for our company for over 4 years came to DevCon to help out in our booth. Over the years, as developers have changed, the transition to a new developer has been smooth, as the knowledge transfer of all our […]

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