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The only thing Adam loves more than the FileMaker platform is working with people and he has devoted his life’s work to mastering the synapse between the two. Every good project starts with a solid relationship and Adam wears his “The Client Whisperer” moniker as a badge of honor. You can reach Adam via email at or by phone at (845) 235-6399.

Adam Aronson

Expect Change, Be Prepared to Adapt


Because they’re up against similar challenges to us custom software developers, I’ve grown a soft place in my heart for general contractors. Recently we had to replace the roofs on the front and rear porches of our 1926 Sears home. My wife Rebekah and I met with a contractor to survey the work and come up with an estimate. After some measuring and requisite scratching of a pad with a pencil, he tossed out a number. Prior to his arrival, Rebekah and I had played our own numbers game. We came up with a range that we thought would be needed to get the work done. It turns out we were close! After the initial elation that we had prepared ourselves well, I asked the roofer a question that demonstrated that we – homeowners and GC – were in it together. “What kind of things might you uncover that would impact that estimate?”After some back and forth about rot and flashing and decking materials, I put a bow around our collaboration, “Surprises suck, eh?” I thought he was going to hug me. In my 25 years of consulting, I’ve never met a business owner who loved surprises, and custom software […]

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Adam Aronson

3 Sales Tips You Can Use (especially if you don’t consider yourself a salesperson)


Recently a friend’s son and I were elbow-rubbing with the Hipsters at Roberta’s – one of Brooklyn’s busiest and most delectable pizza restaurants. I was encouraging him to break down the barriers and pursue his passion. In this case, lutherie – the building of acoustic guitars. His resistance was one I’ve heard people lament before – “I’m not good at sales.” Without skipping the proverbial beat I shot back “Do you love building guitars?” “Yep.” “Do you love talking about building guitars?” “Yes!” First tip– “Talk about what you love and the money will follow” All too often I hear people imply that a prerequisite of being a good salesperson that they need to convince people to give them money for their product – whether it be guitars or custom software. Bah! Convincing is not part of being a salesperson. Instead, focus on why you are talking about what you do or offer. The important part isn’t the transaction – it is the love of what you do. Tell people what you do, why you do it, and the rest of the pieces (including the money) will follow. “Two Ears, One Mouth” Maybe it’s my Eastern European heritage but I […]

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