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Make Time for Your Passion Project


How can you make time for your passion project? New Millennium CEO Scott Love shares his time management thoughts on how to achieve a dream or maybe how to just stay sane. As a project for her studies at the Columbia Business School, Danielle Borges recently explored time management and company leadership by interviewing New Millennium Communications’ CEO Scott Love (with whom she’s worked for many years). We each have a passion project—a skill we long to develop or a dream we hope to achieve. Unfortunately, few us of have the freedom to spend as much time working towards our aspiration as we would like. But what if instead of putting your passion project on the back burner, you could find a way to incorporate it into your daily schedule? As CEO of New Millennium Communications, Scott Love enjoys tackling each client’s unique problems and developing software and business intelligence solutions. Though his work consumes most of his time, Scott has developed a few key techniques to continue working on his passion project: designing and developing video games. From the time he was a child, Scott has been passionate about video games. His favorites were Atari classics: standing arcade games […]

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