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Mark Rubenstein lives in Evanston, Illinois, and is the president of Easy As Pi. He has been a FileMaker enthusiast since the mid-80’s and started Easy As Pi in 1997. When he’s not obsessing about user interface design, Mark plays the Asian board game Go. You can reach him at or


Work / Life Balance


When Molly asked me if I would write something for her blog, my first thought was, “What excuse can I come up with to get out of this?!” Then, after about 30 seconds of soul-searching, I knew I had to do it. See, the problem is… I love my work! As a kid, I loved making models. I built model airplanes and hung them from the ceiling in my bedroom, complete with cotton trailing behind them like smoke. Making models was challenging and fun, and I never lost the joy of building things. My first career was as a recording engineer. I recorded music for TV and radio commercials. Again, I was building something, although it was less tangible than physical objects; I was building an audio environment. After 25 years as an engineer, I decided to make a change. I loved engineering, but I missed making something of my own. So I struck out on my own as a FileMaker developer, not even knowing if there was a market for such a thing. Now, over 20 years later, I still wake up every morning eager to work. I have a small stable of loyal clients who I have worked […]

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