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As CEO of Informing Designs LLC, Lisette builds custom software solutions in FileMaker Pro, helping businesses to save time via better resource utilization, extend to the web and mobile devices, and integrate SeedCode templates. Connect with Lisette at, Twitter: @lisettewilson, or 512-436-0493

Lisette Wilson

Permission to Fail… and to Succeed


As small business owners, we must have some self-confidence to strike out on our own. If not, we would still be working for someone else. But, that does not mean we do not lack confidence in some situations or that we do not suffer from imposter syndrome.¬†How do we get past this? If you are still in-house and wanting to make that leap, how can you develop the confidence to jump? In early years, I had the confidence I could learn what I needed to know but lacked confidence in both my technical and business skills. I knew I had a lot to learn, but also had the good fortune of a safety net. My boss at the time was willing to let me keep scaling down my hours as I developed my business, and I do not have children to support. Over time, I gained confidence in my technical skills, yet shied away from opportunities to grow beyond a solo shop because I lacked the confidence in my business skills. I knew I would rather code than manage other coders. I knew I had systems that work for me, but these systems would need to be formalized for a […]

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