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Marc is the co-founder and President of Productive Computing, Inc. (PCI), an FBA Platinum partner. He has 26 years of FileMaker Pro programming experience and is a FileMaker 7 – 15 certified developer. Most recently Marc became an AWS Certified Solutions Architect as PCI continues to provide advanced hosting services for the FileMaker industry. Marc’s passion for innovation, quality and his love for FileMaker led him to create PCI in 1996. PCI, a recognized industry leader, specializes in helping organizations of all sizes become more efficient and profitable by providing FileMaker development, plugins, solutions and hosting services. Marc’s strengths include creating, planning and developing the company’s long-term strategies and goals. Marc resides in sunny San Diego and, in his free time, enjoys playing music in venues up and down the 101 coastline.


Musicians Make the Best Developers?


One of my old professors used to say, “You know they are going to be a good developer because they were a musician first.” Huh? Are you saying you are a substandard developer if you don’t play a musical instrument? No! But there seems to be a correlation between playing a musical instrument and developing code. Let me explain. First, from my own experience in college having a degree in music business, I found that many “engineers” (not just software engineers but mechanical and electrical as well) would frequent the jazz halls and rehearsal studios throughout the college of music. And they were not just good… they were better than some of the actual music majors. Even back then, I had a theory that perhaps it was something in the brain or something about their personality or thought patterns that drove their ability to play an instrument. So, I could have just left it there and not given it another thought until… I attended my first FileMaker developers conference in the mid-90s. Ok, well not just the FileMaker conference, but more specifically the so-called “Jam Sessions” that were held in the evenings. Productive Computing would sponsor “Jam Sessions” whereby anyone […]

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