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Mike Cavalieri is the owner of Figaro Services, a multi-disciplinary provider focused on collaborating with people and their software to allow them to create their best work. A twenty-year professional musician and experienced project manager, he advocates for creativity within processes.


Creating Space


I was recently sitting down with a young colleague who was seeking some mentoring.  He is also a singer, and, like myself, was very curious to know what advice I could share about all topics as large as career arcs and as small as specific vocal technique. Because of the nature of our work, we talked about roles, scores, music, opera houses…. But the particulars aren’t as important as the truth around repeatedly making great art without becoming boringly predictable or faking excitement. And as we discussed, I realized that what we were talking about did not only pertain to the performing arts, but also to our work. Sometimes at work, there seem to be two warring factions: process and creativity. The process team thinks that you can eliminate risk and establish expectations simply by following the same tools and path that have been followed before. The creative team thinks that working outside of the box, beyond the rules, in ways that aren’t expected, is where the most fruitful work can be found. I’m sure you’ve worked in organizations both large and small with this type of tension between individuals and/or teams. This tension doesn’t need to be at odds with […]

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