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Seth Zurer is a Chicago-based software developer, festival organizer, jam-maker and jam-eater. Connect with him on LinkedIn ( or check out the latest festival news at and

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Designing Your Own Life


Professionally, I’ve always been ambivalent. Database consulting has provided a bulwark of stability to counteract the shifting winds of my ever changing professional ambitions and a powerful tool for solving problems in every area of my life. When I graduated from college with my high-priced degree in English Literature, I stayed on in Chicago with the idea that I’d be an artist, creating theater with my friends.  But you can’t pay your rent with the earnings of an off-off-off loop theater artist.  So, like many artists, I got a job to finance my passions. It was a lucky break that my network connected me with Wizard Software Solutions, a software consulting company that creates FileMaker solutions for the corporate facility management and project management field.  A friend (OK, it was Molly!) referred me, knowing I was comfortable working with computers and learning on the fly. At Wizards, I laid a solid foundation of FileMaker knowledge – learning about interaction design, relational database structure, basic web application architecture, and most critically, how to communicate with users, eliciting technical requirements from non-technical conversations, observing and analyzing business processes to figure out the right database-driven solutions for tricky organizational problems. I worked directly […]

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