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Steve Gleason has undergone a career shift from an in-house, “citizen” developer at a leading global advertising network to an independent consultant, specializing on the FIleMaker platform. He focuses on UI/UX, helping clients identify opportunities to improve their processes. Steve can be reached at

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Learn More by Doing Less


Two years ago, my daughter was gearing up for a move across the country to enroll in the Ada Academy, a Washington-state program geared towards improving the participation of women and non-binary people who want to become software developers. She was concerned about her ability to absorb, integrate and apply the new information at the accelerated rate that the program expected. She found a method that resonated with her, and she shared it with me. She gave me a book by Professor Barbara Oakley called A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra). After reading the book, we both took advantage of a companion online course at, titled Learning How to Learn. Dr. Oakley’s approach focuses on understanding the mind’s limited capacity for retaining and integrating new information. Over-learning (trying to retain too much information, over too little time) is often counterproductive. For my daughter, limiting her conscious focus to shorter bursts, she was able to retain more information, understand key concepts, and – most importantly – better understand the relationships between the concepts to know how and when they complement each other. With some adaptations, this has worked well for […]

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