Conferences offer a unique opportunity to network with people who are facing the same challenges and can offer unique solutions to business problems. Over the years, we’ve hosted several conferences and are happy to share the videos with members. Stayed tuned for future events through Elusive Moose.

Find Your Moose

This conference was designed to bring together business owners to discuss the business issues of running a successful software development consulting practices. Topics ranged from balancing priorities, determining pricing, hiring and firing, to financial planning and managing growth. An underlying theme of the conference was how to implement best practices to thrive in your business and enjoy your work.

Topics Include:
Prioritizing and Making Choices for your Business, Prioritizing and Making Choices for your Clients, Marketing & Public Relations, Sales & Estimating, Creativity & Mindfulness, Financial Planning for the Business Owner, and Team Building

Sessions by:
Adam Aronson, Jesse Barnum, Mike Carruth, Molly Connolly, Nick Disabato, Susan Fennema, Allen Imbarrato, Cris Ippolite, Anne Kirby, Craig Motlong, Casey Mulqueen, Jason Mundok, Matt Navarre, Mark Richman, Jeffrey Scornavacca, Nancy Simonson, Jonathan Stark, Heather Winkle, and Debbie Zempel

Members can view conference videos HERE.


FileMaker Product Developer’s Conference

Topics Include:
Determining product viability, Best Practices for user support and training, Pricing your Product, Best Practices for Upgrades and Updates

Sessions by:
Molly Connolly, Ernest Koe, Allen Imbarrato, Cris Ippolite, Debbie Zempel, Josh Smith, Stephen Blackwell, Joe Mastrianni, Scott Karch, Danny Mack, Jason Mundok, and Craig Motlong.

Members can view conference audios HERE.


Experience & Style

This conference was hosted by Don Levan and was an intensive look at the design process and optimizing user experience.

Topics Include:
Applied Color Theory, Fundamentals of Great Design and Designing for Complex Solutions, Mobile Design and more.

Sessions by:
Steve Abrahamson, Ernest Koe, Colin Keefe, Don Levan, and Ryan Singer

Members can view conference audios HERE


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