Struggling to manage your software development projects?

Have you ever missed a project deadline or blown a budget?

Projects are the cornerstone of a custom software development consulting business. Software developers often think missed deadlines and cost overruns are just part of the job, but they don’t have to be. It’s not enough to do well on some projects and have a few train wrecks. If you’re not in control of all of your projects, then everything in your business suffers. The key to a solid project management process is the ability to predict when a project is at risk long before the scope, budget, or timeline explode. Good project management is not magic or luck. Keeping on top of your projects involves a step by step, repeatable process.

How do you stop the madness?!?

Each project is unique but that doesn’t mean your approach to managing each project should also be unique. You need to stay flexible and be able to adapt to a variety of situations. Starting with a well defined project management framework allows you to simplify and standardize your process and still afford you the opportunity to be flexible.

With over ten years of custom development project management experience and a training and coaching program that has helped dozens of developers implement solid project management practices, I’ve identified the Ten Elements of a Project for custom software developers.

You’re already doing all of these things, whether you know it or not!

The starting point is to understand each of the ten elements of a project and then ask yourself these three questions around each:

  • Can you articulate your process?
  • Are you consistently using your process?
  • Are you teaching the process to your client?

Find out where you are and where you should focus

Elusive Moose is all about helping software developers and consultants manage successful businesses. We’re offering a FREE Moose Guide to help you learn more about the Ten Elements of a Software Development Project and figure out where you should be focusing to improve your project management approach. Download a FREE copy NOW.

– Jason Mundok

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