Elusive Moose is now proud to offer members exclusive access to Molly Connolly’s highly successful FileMaker training program, JumpStartFM.

This program was originally designed as an on-boarding program for new hires, and rapidly evolved as a tool for individual looking to dive into the technology and develop their consulting skills.

The training videos include a series of interviews and demos by industry experts including Cris Ippolite, Matt Navarre, Debbie Zemple, Dave Knight, Jim Medeema and Alexis Allen.

Topics include:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Estimating & Time Management
  • Design & Usability, Relational Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Testing
  • Technical Exercises & More!

Check out the full range of videos here

If you are interested in the guided JumpStart training program which includes one on one evaluations, exercises and teacher feedback you can check out offerings here:


“Molly taught me just about everything I know about consulting. She helped transform me from a guy who thought writing code was a fun way to make money into someone who can solve business problems effectively. Working with Molly over the last ten years, I have learned how to analyze client problems and deliver solutions on time. Leading by example, Molly showed me that clear, honest communication with clients is the number one priority, and that the technology and everything else will fall into place after that. Living by that motto, I have had nothing but happy clients and repeat business.” Neal Elward, Senior Developer, Extreme Reach


“What started out as a mere cup of coffee turned into a life changing career thanks to JumpStart. Without this course I would have been on my own with no clear direction of how to plan or achieve my goals to become a certified professional developer. I had zero experience. Molly’s class is not only a crash course into FileMaker the app but also includes real world experiences and insights which enabled me to make my career plan. I gained the knowledge and the confidence necessary to join and contribute in the FileMaker community and with the FileMaker Platform. And yes, I have been employed full-time as a FileMaker developer for 3 years. I love it.” Sarah Sigfrinius, Linear Blue Innovative Data Solutions

“Today, I am a successful independent FileMaker consultant, and Molly has been indispensable in helping me get there. Besides being an invaluable mentor, teacher and friend, I’ve learned so much from watching her interact with the many personas that populate the FileMaker universe. From teasing out her clients’ complex needs, earning their unwavering trust early on in the development process, to coaxing mind-spinning productivity from fellow developers and sub-contractors—-if you are looking to learn how to be a successful consultant—working for a steady stream of devoted clients—look no further.” Christopher Bailey, Owner, Baytaflow Consulting




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